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BC Fire Safe Protection Services has kept Peace River’s communities fire safe through certified inspection, maintenance, and repair of the fire safety devices that warn and protect us.

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Your safety is always the most important thing, and BC Fire Safe Protection Services believes that you should be able to rely on your fire safety devices without a second thought. Peace River’s own fire protection service is dedicated to the principles and integrity of the fire inspection industry. With almost two decades providing fire safety service, it’s nice to know that someone out there is looking out for us.

With a team of Red Seal certified fire safety technicians, BC Fire Safe Protection Services offers maintenance, inspection, and repair of the devices that keep you and your family safe. We’re available 24 hours a day to maintain your building’s smoke alarm/detector, fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, or customized fire safety evacuation plan.

Smoke detectors and alarms are essential to every building, whether it’s a home or any public space. These systems need to be inspected monthly and the alarms themselves need to be inspected annually. Our technicians and staff journeyman electricians provide complete installations, inspection, and testing on all fire alarm equipment. We carry the parts and tools in our service vehicles, and can usually complete the job on the spot.

A well functioning fire extinguisher could save your life in an emergency situation. We inspect, maintain, and recharge your extinguisher to make sure you’re always prepared. Testing for pressure and weighting, we will ensure everything is up to manufacturer specifications. Any damage like corrosion, leaks, or clogged nozzles will be replaced or repaired on-site if possible.
Water systems have many components that could pose a potential problem, and in order to keep your sprinkler system optimized they must be tested regularly. Aside from the legal requirements to do annual testing, ensuring your sprinkler system flows are accurate will provide peace of mind. Allow us to install and maintain your system’s backflow preventer through accurate field tests, documentation, and repairs.

Products and/or Services

  • Fire protection service

  • Fire alarm inspections

  • Emergency light inspection

  • Fire extinguisher inspection

  • Fire alarm maintenance & service

  • Fire alarm maintenance service

  • Sprinkler system inspections

  • Sprinkler system maintenance

  • Sprinkler system service

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